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E-mail: snp@kalinka-shipping.com
Postal address: 152-1 Nevsky prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia

We have an extensive record of appraising vessels and shipping assets on behalf of shipowners, banks, leasing companies, insurance companies, customs, courts, etc.

Most of our appraisals are standard desktop valuations. Upon request of some clients we provide detailed vessel valuations made with the use of three widely accepted asset valuation methods

  • Market Approach method;
  • Replacement Cost method;
  • Income Approach method (inclusive an income approach variation unique to shipping, known as Hamburg Ship Valuation Standard).

KALINKA SHIPPIG LTD is the only Russian company that is a member of LTAV (Association for Promotion of Long Term Asset Value Method). An income approach variation unique to shipping has been the method suggested in early 2009 by the Hamburg Shipbrokers Association (HVSS). The method has become known as the Long Term Asset Valuation method (LTAV), also known as Hamburg Ship Valuation Standard (HSVS), also colloquially known as the ‘Hamburg Rules’ of vessel valuations.

The standard was aimed to create a value assessment model (Long Term Asset Value) which would be beyond short term market fluctuations. In order to incorporate the volatility of the shipping cycle in this assessment, a conservative, statistically proven and transparent approach was used.

The following big and known companies are the members of the LTAV: C.W. Kellock & Co. (the UK), Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG (Germany), Vessels Value Ltd (the UK), PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, etc.